Grove GMK3050

Grove GMK3050 50 Ton Crane Service

The Grove GMK3050 is a 55 US ton capacity all terrain crane equipped with a 31 to 125 foot 5-section, full power main boom and 29 to 49 foot hydraulically offset bifold swingaway. The machine provides strong lift capacity with a maximum tip height of 181 feet. The crane is equipped with 25,593 lbs of counterweight split into sections, providing the ability to hydraulically remove the counterweight from the crane cab. The machine is powered by a Mercedes-Benz OM501LA 6-cylinder, turbo charged 355 horsepower diesel engine.

The full-vision operator’s cab, tiltable to 20°, has fully electronic crane controls, engine management system, and ESK 5 Light Load Moment Indicator. The 3-axle machine provides strong performance on and off road due to the machine’s all wheel multiple mode steering and MEGATRACK all wheel independent hydropneumatic suspension. The crane is equipped with four telescoping outriggers controlled from each side of the carrier and superstructure cabs and outrigger position monitoring system.