Crane Accessories and Man Baskets

In addition to our safe and reliable crane rental services, we also offer a comprehensive range of crane accessories including man baskets, scale pans and guard arms. Rugged construction and compliance with engineering standards are the benchmarks of all Locke Crane Services attachments and equipment. Our accessories are built to meet or exceed the regulations of ASME and OSHA. They come with the required tags and documentation, making them suitable for use on all jobsites.

Our heavy-duty crane supported man baskets are designed to meet the demands of the construction, industrial and mining industry. All of our man baskets include standard features such as 42” high mesh on sides, self-closing swing-in front door with latch and 4 hook points on top to attach to overhead lifting device. Full perimeter safety harness hook-up allows personnel to be attached almost anywhere inside the basket. Standard fork pockets allows crane basket to be moved with a forklift.

We have both suspended and boom attached man baskets. Our boom attached man baskets  are custom-designed to be directly pinned to the end of the crane boom. This allows the crane to place the basket directly where it needs to be: in tighter spaces and with more accuracy and stability. Suspended personnel platforms can be guided into precise positions impossible to reach with fixed platforms. For telecom repair and installation crews, hanging baskets provide the maneuverability needed to reach even the most difficult spots.

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