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2010 National 8100D – 23 Ton Hydraulic Crane

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When you rent from Locke Crane Services, you can rest assured that you are getting the safest and most reliable equipment for your project.  All of our cranes and accessories are maintained to exceed manufacturer and industry standards.  Our crane fleet is inspected daily and certified by a third party OSHA qualified inspector annually.

275 Ton Crane

Grove GMK5275

The Grove GMK5275 is a very versatile 275 ton capacity all-terrain crane.  Equipped with Grove’s unique TWIN-LOCK technology, it has a 233 foot, 7-section, Mega-Form main boom. Also standard with a 69 foot hydraulic off-settable lattice extension and two 26 foot lattice inserts, its total maximum length is 354 feet. With our available pin-on man basket, the GMK5275 can place workers in tight spots that traditional man baskets cannot reach.

All-wheel multiple mode steering provides unrivaled job site mobility and the exclusive MEGATRAK suspension system keeps the wheels on the ground at all times, enhancing drivability and traction both on and off-road. With a choice of four outrigger width settings, the Grove GMK5275 also offers maximum on-site flexibility.

165 Ton Crane

Grove GMK5165

Grove’s five-axle GMK5165-2 provides significantly longer reach and capacity than other cranes in its class. The 165 US ton crane is equipped with a 197 ft, 6-section full power TWIN-LOCK main boom and a 105 ft hydraulically offset jib for a maximum tip height of 312 ft. Thirteen counterweight configurations allow versatility and loads up to 165 USt. The exclusive MEGATRACK suspension system allows for enhanced versatility and performance by keeping all wheels constantly on the ground. The machine is run by a Mercedes-Benz OM502LA eight cylinder turbo charged diesel engine in the chassis and a Mercedes-Benz OM924LA four-cylinder turbo charged diesel engine in the superstructure.

90 Ton Crane

Grove GMK4090

The minimum width of the GMK4090 is 2,55 m (8.4 ft ) with 14.00 R25 tires and 2,75 m (9 ft) with 16.00 R25 tires. With an overall length of 12,68 m (41.6 ft) and a narrow tail swing of only 3,5 m (11.6 ft) this is one of the most compact cranes in it’s class making it easy to work in confined job sites.

50 Ton Crane

Grove GMK3050

The Grove GMK3050 is a 55 US ton capacity all terrain crane equipped with a 31 to 125 foot 5-section, full power main boom and 29 to 49 foot hydraulically offset bifold swingaway. The machine provides strong lift capacity with a maximum tip height of 181 feet. The crane is equipped with 25,593 lbs of counterweight split into sections, providing the ability to hydraulically remove the counterweight from the crane cab. The machine is powered by a Mercedes-Benz OM501LA 6-cylinder, turbo charged 355 horsepower diesel engine.

The full-vision operator’s cab, tiltable to 20°, has fully electronic crane controls, engine management system, and ESK 5 Light Load Moment Indicator. The 3-axle machine provides strong performance on and off road due to the machine’s all wheel multiple mode steering and MEGATRACK all wheel independent hydropneumatic suspension. The crane is equipped with four telescoping outriggers controlled from each side of the carrier and superstructure cabs and outrigger position monitoring system.

Skidder Crane

Skidder Crane

National model 8100D
mounted on the Cat 574 Forwarder

The National model 8100D mounted on the Cat 574 Forwarder offers a 100-ft. (30.5 m) main boom and a two-person man basket. It also features a patent-pending internal anti-two-block design which routes the wire inside the boom to avoid snagging. Additionally the crane was designed with 48 in. (122 cm) outrigger jacks capable of leveling the crane in adverse conditions. The Cat 574 carrier is capable of traveling in any terrain and leaves minimal impact on the environment. The CAT 574 Forwarder eliminates the need for extensive matting typically required to access these areas.

60 Ton Crane

National 60 Ton Boom Truck

Whether you need a boom truck or truck crane for the job, the NBT60XL will meet any application. Available with up to 16,000 lbs of removable counterweight for even more capacity while maintaining flexibility for any roading condition.

30 Ton Crane

National 30 Ton Boom Truck

At 100 ft, the National Series 1300A 30 Ton Boom Truck’s four-section boom is one of the longest in its size range. The long boom allows the operator to perform more lifts without the use of a jib, reducing setup time and improving efficiency. Speedy-reeve boom tip and sheave blocks simplify rigging changes by decreasing the time needed to change line reeving.

5000lb Capacity
Hanging Platform


Crane Accessories and Man Baskets

In addition to our safe and reliable crane rental services, we also offer a comprehensive range of crane accessories including man baskets, scale pans and guard arms. Rugged construction and compliance with engineering standards are the benchmarks of all Locke Crane Services attachments and equipment. Our accessories are built to meet or exceed the regulations of ASME and OSHA. They come with the required tags and documentation, making them suitable for use on all jobsites.

Our heavy-duty crane supported man baskets are designed to meet the demands of the construction, industrial and mining industry. All of our man baskets include standard features such as 42” high mesh on sides, self-closing swing-in front door with latch and 4 hook points on top to attach to overhead lifting device. Full perimeter safety harness hook-up allows personnel to be attached almost anywhere inside the basket. Standard fork pockets allows crane basket to be moved with a forklift.

We have both suspended and boom attached man baskets. Our boom attached man baskets are custom-designed to be directly pinned to the end of the crane boom. This allows the crane to place the basket directly where it needs to be: in tighter spaces and with more accuracy and stability. Suspended personnel platforms can be guided into precise positions impossible to reach with fixed platforms. For telecom repair and installation crews, hanging baskets provide the maneuverability needed to reach even the most difficult spots.

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