Linewise Folding Guard Arm

Guard Arm

The Folding Guard Arm is useful for providing extra protection around highways and railroads where power lines cross. When either removing or installing a conductor, it keeps the travel route clear if a conductor or pulling rope droops too low. Through careful planning, the Folding Guard Arm will never touch the pulling rope or conductor.

The Folding Guard Arm has a capacity of 1,000 pounds when attached to equipment with a load capacity of at least 1,370 pounds. It comes equipped with three lifting rings to assist in mounting, and folds easily for transportation or storage. Overall dimensions are 96 inches by 36.5 inches by 54 inches when in use, and a compact 80.25 inches by 17 inches by 30.25 inches when folded. With vertical and horizontal rollers, the conductor will not be scarred should it come into contact with the rollers. The Folding Guard Arm can be manually adjusted radially at ground level to allow the crane to be set at different positions. Rotary adjustments and boom angle adjustments make precision applications possible from almost any approach.